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Artificial Grass Guide

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Feb 01

Factors that influence the service time of Artificial Grass

Artificial turf fields' service life not only depends on the quality of grass itself, but also depends on the construction technology, as well as the later maintenance;

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Jan 25

Commercial landsape grass

Top Joy Turf provides best synthetic grass for commercial landscaping.

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Jan 05

Residential Turf

Artificial Grass
Garden Grass/Playground Grass/Terrace Grass

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Dec 05

Beautiful Artificial Grass To Decorate Your Life

Community greening is not only the need of ecological environment construction, but also the need of civilized and healthy urban construction. Installation of green lawn will take an essential effect. I will help imporve environment, purified the ground, also plays a role for shock absorption.

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Aug 18

Factors Affecting the Life Span of Artificial Turf

The life span of artificial turf depends not only on the quality, but also on the procurement, construction process and later maintenance. So in order to increase the life span of the site, should start from the following points.

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Jul 21

Top Joy Synthetic Grass Advantages

Artificial grass has been applied for sports field for dozens of years. With the development of science and technology and sports, artificial grass which is made of PE material, PP material, anti-ultraviolet anti-aging amine material and other additives offers a ideal sports venues for professional or amateurs.

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Jun 30

Synthetic Grass Application in Wedding

Romantic outdoor weddings are growing popularity throughout the world. People who attend the wedding can enjoy the sunshine to the fully and bath in breeze.

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Jun 29

Additives Application And Quality of Backing Glue in Artificial Grass

Artificial turf is a kind of grass-like synthetic fiber implanted in woven fabric coated with glue to fix it. Due to its material and excellent performance, it soon becomes chemical products alternative of natural grass which is widely applied into playground, garden terrace and green belt.

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Jun 28

The Basic Premise for Artificial Turf Quality Assurance

When we talk about artificial turf quality standard, we mean that under the certain circumstance, the artificial turf quality is qualified or not qualified. The basic criteria cover artificial grass installation, material of artificial turf and maintenance of artificial turf

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Jun 21

Difficulties and Solutions of Artificial Grass Installation on The Wall

With the increasingly popular of artificial grass, artificial grass installation on the wall is becoming common. Compared to football artificial grass installation, this work is much more difficult. The thorny point is the wall fixing problem.

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